The values of our agricultural community and how we do business are deeply ingrained in the legacy of Menn Law Firm.  These values are the foundation of Wisconsin’s culture of hard work and concern for the community. Today, strong knowledge and legal expertise directed towards the needs of small and large farms or agribusinesses are essential to our practice.  These businesses must now deal with an increasingly global economy, investment to new technology, inflating costs of operation, and above agricultural-value land prices in a time of complex tax and business laws coupled with increased federal, state and local regulations.

Our attorneys guide farm members and business owners who are transferring their farms or businesses to the next generation. Our agricultural clients understand that farms do not transfer today in the same way they did 40 years ago. With the size of modern farms and high asset values, the next generation cannot simply “buy the farm.” Therefore, we consult with our clients to determine strategies for transferring their farms and businesses in manners that ensure their longevity for generations to come.

We are extremely proud to play our part in maintaining Wisconsin’s agricultural industry by advising our clients on ways to keep the family farm with those who will continue its legacy. We take a comprehensive approach to transferring farms and business to the next generation, which include business planning, management structuring, real estate transfers, and estate planning for all generations in the business.

Menn Law Firm is deeply committed to working hard for farmers, for their families, and for their futures.

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