Menn’s highly successful team of business attorneys can provide a full range of legal services on nearly all aspects of real estate, business, and other transaction matters. In short, if it involves an agreement of any sort, our attorneys can help.

Types of matters we can assist with include:

Entity Formation and Organizational Planning

We can assist with the formation of LLC’s, corporations, partnerships, etc., and ensure that the owners have the necessary agreements in place to protect themselves and the company in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Purchases and Sales of all Types

We can assist with any transaction involving the sale of a business, real estate, equipment, etc.

Real Estate Development Projects

We can assist developers with all aspects of their project, from the purchase of land to working with the local government on planning issues, to the ultimate sale of lots or parcels.


We can assist with the preparation of condo declarations, bylaws, and purchase agreements.

Commercial Lender Representation

We can assist institutional and commercial lenders with a full scope of services including workouts and bankruptcies, foreclosures and replevins, letters of credit and bonding, intercreditor arrangements, collateral review and analysis, loan modification and restructuring, and security interest rights and priorities.


We can assist with the preparation, review, and negotiation of commercial and residential leases.

Land Use Planning and Zoning

We can assist with working with (or against) local governments or state agencies in all matters having to do with land use regulations.


We can assist property owners seeking to challenge a government’s claim of imminent domain.

Business Succession Planning

We can assist business owners in planning for how their business will transition from themselves on to “the next generation.”

Employment and HR Guidance

We can advise employers and employees on a wide variety of workplace-related issues, including employment agreements, handbooks, policies, procedures, and regulatory compliance.

Non-Profit Formation

We can assist non-profits with getting formed, getting tax exempt approval, and ensuring that the organization is properly structured.


We can assist with the filing of state and federal trade names or trade marks.

Contracts of all Types

We can assist with the review, preparation, or negotiation of any type of contract.

FSBO Assistance

We can assist buyers or seller’s of real estate who are not utilizing the services of a broker (for sale by owner).

Municipal Representation

We can assist municipalities (towns, villages, and cities) with a full range of legal services, including serving as prosecutor with respect to any ordinance violations.

In addition to providing representation in litigation proceedings, several of our attorneys have significant experience in serving as mediators or arbitrators.  Consider using Menn Law for your alternative dispute resolution (ADR) needs.

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