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Limited Liability Legal Practice

In accord with Wisconsin law and the rules of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin, our attorneys have chosen to practice law as a Limited Liability Organization.  Menn Law Firm, Ltd. is a Wisconsin Service Corporation. In the event malpractice occurs in our representation, you are protected by the Firm’s malpractice insurance policy and the assets of the Firm. The Firm carries the amount of malpractice insurance required by the rules of the Supreme Court of Wisconsin.

In addition, the attorney who represents you may be personally liable to you for any negligence in that representation, as well as that of any attorney or staff member whom the attorney supervises. However, because the Firm is a Limited Liability Organization, you may not look to the personal assets of the attorneys in our Firm who were not involved in the case.

This summary of the law is being provided to our clients and potential clients as required by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Should you have any questions, please feel free to speak to one of our attorneys.